Gaoh Offshore currently offers vessel designs representing the latest 3rd generation installation technology.


Gaoh Offshore Field Support & Wind Turbine Installation Jackup


Deepwater Installer 1

The Deepwater Installer is designed for year round operations in mid North Sea locations, water depths of 50 mts and a carrying capacity of up to 16 x 3.6 MW turbines. The 1,600t crane can be used with the vessel either floating or jacked up.


The design and operating philosophies have been optimised to minimise downtime both offshore and

in port thus ensuring the installation costs per turbine 

are kept to a minimum.



Gaoh Offshore Installation Shuttle



This unique concept allows turbines to be built and commissioned onshore before being transported to site in once piece, two at a time, ready for installation.


The use of a SWATH hull shape minimises motions while ensuring transist speeds of up to 14 kts.


Sophisticated compensating systems mean that installation can be carried out in seas up to 3.5m significant waves with no limitation on water depth.