The Gaoh Offshore group offers a suite of services focused on the installation, operations and maintenance of offshore wind farms. They range from supplying innovative designs and technical solutions all the way through to providing operational assets covering areas such as the following :

  • Transport of wind turbines from the manufacturer to offshore sites.
  • Transportation of foundations to site.
  • Planning and installation of offshore wind farms either in part or whole.
  • Transport of maintenance crews for offshore wind farms
  • Offshore accommodation and service centres.
  • Repair vessels for offshore wind farms
  • Offshore heavy lifting, foundation installation and transport in general

In these areas the company uses its expertise to maximise safety and the wellbeing of personnel, minimise the environmental impact while at the same provding an efficient and econimcally viable service to its clients.

Its Health and Safety plus Environmental policies have been established to ensure its staff operate within the highest standards of the renewables industry and recognise the ISO 14001 environmental certification. This means we work in accordance with environmental law, train our personnel appropriately, evaluate our sub-contractor's environmental performance and constantly strive to improve fuel and materials efficiency.